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Beautiful Melissa

Denver’s weather had finally taken a break from the pesky snow storms when the two girls stepped in perfect unison came coming down the alley. One named Melissa aka “Lever Pusher” had long black hair that twisted down towards her soft lower back. Her long locks fell delicately over her blue jean vest that was decorated with a plethora of beautifully crafted and colorful patches. One being a Sox Place patch.

“Every new traveler I meet I tell them to go to Sox Place. I wear my patch just so people will ask me about it. I always tell them they have to drop by to get the full effect,” said Melissa.

Sox Place is a popular landing place for many travelers that find themselves making a stop in Denver and word has spread like wildfire through the traveling community who are often in need of a warm meal, some clean socks, and some extra TLC for their four legged companions. Hearing about us through another fellow traveler, Melissa was intrigued about this so called Sox Place.

That puppy is proud

“Curiosity got the best of me. I had to come check it out,” said Melissa.  “I had no shoes or socks. I was hungry and in need of several things. Sox helped me with everything I needed including getting my animals vaccinated and helping me with a crew change. Things I didn’t even expect to get help with. Every new traveler I meet I tell them to go to Sox Place,” Melissa explained.

Sox Place is a bit unique in that we receive zero aid from government grants. And many of our financial supporters and donors and our everyday community have never even met face to face. But it’s not difficult for our traveler friends and street youth to feel the impact of when our supporters and friends give to us.

Travelers and Traveler Puppies

“I honestly don’t know where I would be without you guys. I’m super grateful to all the people at Sox and every one who donates there,” said Melissa.

As those summer months are close around the corner we will see a spike in travelers and pets coming through and we are going to need our donors help to keep our doors open so that we can keep bellies fed and feet covered with fresh socks.

Look at this puppy



If there’s a constant between all the kids I speak with at Sox Place, it’s that they are there for one another.  Obviously not everyone gets along, but they each have a web of people that are their “street brothers” or “street sisters.”  Many of them have spoke to me about their “street family” and how without them they wouldn’t have made it this long. They realize without community they would die out here. The world is hard, dark and unforgiving. If anyone knows that it’s these guys and girls.

What I love about Sox Place is that the street kids include us in their community, and they feel included in ours.  They find family here, they find relationship here. Just like they have their friends who have their backs on the streets, they know that they also have Sox Place and everyone that works here has their back too. If there is a new comer to town it’s not long before they end up walking through those big red doors. “What is this place?” I have been asked countless times by those who have found themselves either stuck in Denver or just traveling through.

As someone who sits in the middle between all our readers, our supporters, and our street kids what I see is one very large community.  Do you all know that you too are part of these kids lives on a very personal level? They have their street family, they have Sox Place, these are their resources. When you support us, when you become part of our family then that means these kids also have you. Without your continued support we couldn’t be here for these kids.

I love this because, how often in our day to day lives do we get to engage on a deep and personal level with the people in our lives?  I had a friend come to me just last week at the end of her rope.  It’s my duty to love her and do what I can to help because she’s part of my community.  What if we treated the people we see on a daily basis like we would die without them, and they would die without us?

The truth is without the support of our community, Sox Place couldn’t exist for these kids. I urge you to assess  your lives, who is in your community? Do you have people that surround you that have your back, that you can be real with? Someone on your team that you can call at 3 A.M. and know they will be there for you?

That’s what this circle is all about. You’re here for us, we’re here for you, and together we’re here for the kids that are battling the streets and attempting to survive and thrive. So thank you for being on our team, for having our backs! Love you guys.

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