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The following was written by our friend Mud, who recently died in a tragic car accident.
We put it here as he wrote it.

What sick puppets we are…what a fucked up and disgusting stage we dance upon…born with innocents but no longer in controll of our own strings. Forced to march to the commands of the nobel authority, while the machine of social disctruction blinds our socity, handicapts our freemdom, and eats it’s way in to our souls like a vicious plague leaving us with nothing but the spoiled core.
– Random Thoughts by Mud

Why is it so many people I know die and I have no feeling or reaction. I feel numb, as if nothing happened. Will people feel this way if I were to die? Better yet would I feel this way if my son or wife died? I feel like crying but I stop myself. I’m feeling fear as if everyone in the room had suddenly focused their attention on me. Who knows what they are thinking. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I even feel guilty for what the feelings I am feeling. Is this normal? Or should I have taken Josh’s place. May my friend, my brother, my Josh rest in peace. I love you.
– Written in 2002 after Mosh Josh died

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