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It’s not about what we, as staff, go through with doing such mission as Sox Place. It’s about all the street youth that God brings into our lives, those that cross our path for ten years or ten minutes. They are what Sox Place is all about; a way for us to show the Father’s heart to the fatherless, to the lost and forgotten. We will continue to experience the joys and the heartbreaks of our work, but we will not give up on them!

Stevie (our college intern) and I went out on the streets last Tuesday to see if there were street youth we were missing at Sox Place. We walked down to the half circle, on to Skyline Park 1,2 and 3 and talked to a few here and there. We then walked down the length of 16th Street Mall, finding 8 travelers, or train hoppers as they are called.

One couple, I and S were singing to get money. We found out that she was from the area and he from Florida.  She told me that her mother had asked her to come back home, but when she got there her mother wanted nothing to do with her! I wanted to hug her, but instead invited them to Sox Place for blankets, food, and of course socks! I also told her that we would not reject her, that she was welcome to our family!

Thanks for your support so that we can continue to doing our mission to the street youth!


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