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  • Jonathan Richards aka Daxter says:

    Hello everyone I used to be at Sox Place everyday when I was homeless 2 years ago Sox’s changes lives I miss Doyle and everyone from up there people used to call me Daxter I had stomach cancer which is now fixed but I sure do miss going to eat at Sox Place and hanging out with the rest of the kids.

    But now I am no longer homeless and I own and run the first Video Game Studio in Indiana its taking me a long way to get here and all I can do is wish the best for all the kids there I hope everyone is doing good..

  • colin toepel says:

    Hello every one i just want too say how thankful i am that sox place was and is still around. I was homeless for 2 years back in 2007. It was a very rough time and things were not going right. Sox place fed me and really helped me out when i was in need. I am no longer homeless but i look back still and think on how thankful i am and was. I don’t remember if i have meet doyle, but thank you Doyle for opening sox place.

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