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The type of kids walking through the door at Sox Place is constantly evolving and changing.  Often we see many of the same kids month after month, but there are always a few new faces in the crowd. One of our favorite parts of this job is getting the opportunity to look into the lives of these people and the subcultures that they belong to.

A couple of weeks ago, our great friends from Sk8 Church (a ministry from Steamboat Springs, CO) came and helped us out for the day.  They helped us out and built a quarter pipe skate ramp in our basement, which was a great addition to the few “skating features” we already had. Now we have a mini-skate park at Sox Place, a feature that allows us to reach an entirely new group of teens.

As a staff, we are always looking for more creative ways to reach out to kids that might not normally come to Sox Place.  Growing this new skate ministry is something that all of us are extremely passionate about.  Since we added our basement skate park, we have had at least a dozen new kids come to Sox Place, mainly to skate. This addition has given us a tremendous opportunity to reach new kids. When it snows here in Denver, which happens quite a bit these days, we have the ability to bring in even more of the skateboard subgroup because they can’t go to the Denver skate park.

We would love to build up this new ministry outreach.  We would love to add more rails and ramps and be able to have even more extra skateboards on hand to let the kids borrow.  If you have any access to these types of resources, please consider donating to Sox Place.  The more kids we have the ability to reach, the more people we can mentor and reach out to and share the love of Christ with.


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