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America gives up too easily. We try to help someone and they don’t respond as we think they should, so we throw them away. We think that we have done a great thing, but in reality we’ve only perpetuated the cycle. How do we do this?

Yesterday I talked to one of our kids, Joey, about why Sox Place is necessary, getting his opinion about what Sox Place means to him. He said that we are here while others have come and gone and have failed to keep their promises. The street youth that come through our doors have been hurt by what parents, foster care, school, churches, politicians, and other care-givers have called “love”. This “love” consisted of only empty promises of not leaving them or using them or hurting them; only to leave them, use them, and hurt them.



Joey remembers his mother using him to get drugs and then leaving Joey to a stranger. He remembers riding in his dad’s car while he dealt drugs. He remembers other family members “throwing him away” at ages 4, 10, and 12. I would be high or drunk or violent or homeless if that had happened to me. But I had two older brothers and two older sisters take care of me when my dad left the family. Joey had no one. He had no one to show him true love until he came to Sox Place, and we are happy to have him.


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