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Why would a teenage girl (under 18) prostitute herself on the streets of Denver? I asked her…

“No father, I guess, or no relationship with him. When a man gives me money it means I have value.”

The next time you see a girl or even an adult woman on the corner, stop a moment before you pass judgement. We at Sox Place strive to help those caught up in prostitution to get help. Many of our youth prostitute themselves just so that they can find a place to stay. One such girl, J, said, “I’ve given sex to stay somewhere.”

According to San Diego youth services:

  • One million teens in the U.S. are involved in prostitution each year.
  • Everyday over 1.3 million teens are homeless or runaways and vulnerable to sexual exploitation. By some estimates, ninety percent of these children will sell their bodies as a means to survive.
  • The median age for a prostituted child is fifteen and a half. The average age that a child enters prostitution is fourteen.
  • Each year 5,000 teens will lose their lives on the streets due to assault, rape, suicide and illness.
  • Up to 400,000 children in the U.S. are lured into the sex trade each year.
  • A child is propositioned for sex within the first 72 hours that she/he is on the streets.
We want to prevent such desperate measures from being taken in the first place by providing these girls with food, clothing, and the means to find a safe place to stay.



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