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“Sox Place was not what I thought it was going to be. I thought that there wouldn’t be as many youth as there were. I also didn’t think the people would have big smiles on their faces. The experience I had there was awesome. It made me feel like a better person for helping those people out. I think what you do is amazing. I hope you keep doing it and I hope I can come back and visit again.”

-Stephen, 14 (Volunteer)



Thank you so much for letting all of us come to Sox Place this summer. It was definitely an amazing experience that I will never forget. What you have done and continue to do is amazing.

Hearing all the different stories broke my heart. No one should ever have to be treated the way that some of these people were. I ¬†couldn’t imagine being raised like some of them. It reminded me to be thankful for everything I have and to love my family a little more than I already do. But to see how far some of them have come and continue to work to get to where they want to be was great. They are all wonderful people and I can tell they look up to you more than you know. You’re a great mann that is doing great thing for these people. For some of them, you are the only one in their life that shows they care about them no matter what their past is like. You don’t judge them and they know how they can go to you for anything and everything.

Sox Place is amazing. I am looking forward to coming back. I would love to stay longer than just a day. Talking to everyone there was great. They all have different stories and I would love to help them. You provide them with a great place to hang out, a place where they can feel safe and secure.

Love you Doyle! Can’t wait to come back! Miss you already!

Your favorite,”

-Nikki (Volunteer)



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