Mission Statement

Sox Place exists to bring the Father’s heart to the fatherless, through physical, spiritual, emotional and social provision to urban youth subcultures.

Sox Place is a daytime drop-in center for street youth. These range in ages from 12 to 30 and belong to the youth sub-culture known as “street kids.” Many have been abandoned by parents/guardians, some are victims of the foster care system, and most have been tossed aside by society. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, violence, and sex are a part of their everyday lives. Most are just trying to survive! A hot meal and a safe place is provided Tuesday through Saturday. There are activities such as movies, video games, foosball, pool and ping pong to entertain the youth during their time at Sox Place. Staff and volunteers spend their time interacting with the youth and building friendships in order to provide healthy and constructive relationships.

Sox Place provides

Meals, Socks, Clothing Bank, Personal hygiene supplies, Internet access, Intentional Mentoring and Guidance, Crisis Intervention, Referrals to other services


Doyle Robinson started connecting with the youth who were hanging out on the 16th St. Mall in Downtown Denver in 1999. Discovering their need for clean, dry socks, Doyle used this very basic need to reach the street youth gathered on 16th Mall, eventually earning him the street name, ‘Sox.’ Following God’s leading, Sox Place was opened by Doyle and is son Jordan in May of 2002. It was established out of a desire to provide a safe place for street youth to go during the day where they could truly be accepted and loved. There was no other organization or ministry filling this need during the day.

Sox Place continues today with the same heart, reaching more than 80 youth a day with dedicated staff and volunteers. We look toward the future with anticipation of expansion of facilities and services for more street youth here in Denver with possibilities of other major cities.


  • Served over 6,000 unduplicated street youth since May 2002
  • Awarded “Best Drop-in Center” 2003 by “Westword”
  • Featured on CBS News 4, 9 News and Daystar TV locally in Denver
  • and “101 Huntley Street” in Toronto, Canada
  • Networking with other street youth agencies
  • Featured in various articles in local and national publications
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