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We recently worked with The Lion Project in creating a new video about Sox Place. Watch the video below:

Last week we pulled a few of our youth aside to share what Sox Place means to them. We asked them to describe Sox Place in a word or a sentence in the interest of brevity. Smiley, Sugar Bear, Ashley, Clarissa, James, Leroy, Char, Brandi, Damage, Charlie, Elias, Bernadette, Shane, Seven, Milo, Daniel, Amanda, and Dougie each share what Sox Place means to them. It is encouraging to hear the impact that our organization and our staff have had on the street youth of Denver over the years. We focus on building long-term relationships with our youth. We meet them where they are and love them for who they are. It is through this love that our youth are able to see such amazing change in their lives, and it is only with the support of people like you that we can realize their true potential. Please consider supporting Sox Place today.

Mike (also known on the streets as “Squirrel”) shares his story about life on the streets and how the staff at Sox Place have helped him. Mike now works as an intern at Sox Place Screen Printing.


Our new video series, “Stories from the Street” will document the stories of some of the street youth at Sox Place.

For more information on how you can help the homeless youth of Denver, click here:



Sox Place is a drop in center for street kids that provides a safe haven for them to call home. But it’s not just a drop in center, it’s a church. Doyle and the supporters of Sox Place are dedicated to changing lives one relationship at a time in the heart of Denver. Surrounded by prostitution, heroine use, and meth addiction Doyle dives into the mess of people’s lives and loves them where they are at.

Imagine being 16, 17, or 18 and living on the streets. CNN catches up with some of Denver’s homeless youth to find out what it’s like. It is a story of survival and hope. Most of them have found a home through Sox Place.  Even though they face more struggles than most, they have not let their dreams die.


Sox Place is what it is today because of the dedication of a handful of people to love people where they are at. They have earned the right to speak into the lives of the people who come through their doors because of the relationships they build with them. Josh Robinson–the day time drop-in director–says this about his faith, “Us wanting to share our faith is kind-of innate in who we are. That is much better served by not preaching at people. We are able to share our faith because kids trust us.”


Compete for the Street supports Sox Place by spreading awareness, and developing fundraising opportunities through, endurance sporting events. Shawn-the founder of Compete for the Street–catches up with Josh to get the full story on the happenings at Sox Place.
Find out more about Compete for the Street

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