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Realize This…
Piercings, tattoos, nothing we would find right
Ripped clothes, torn skin, surrounded by desires to fight
Cement floors, painted walls, a place many call home
Warmth, and food some things they’ve never known

People who care, giving everything they can
Giving hope to the doubtful and to the lost they lend a hand.
Asking only respect and for an open ear and heart
Help those in need, helping put together the lost parts

We are quick to judge and close our eyes to those here
Many ignore those in need, pushing them away, instead of bringing them near
We step in the door expecting a place of white and pews
We see the opposite, not looking from others point of view

These teens here see us and do not judge by our clothes or money
They look not at our outward appearance, yet many look at them as funny
How do we live in so much hate, so much pain we cause Tearing down the weak, looking only at people’s flaws

Would you ever think that this place is where many teens go?
Do you realize that there is so much about these teens, we don’t know
When you step in the entrance, drop everything you think is so wrong
Many don’t have parents, or hope, but these teens have held on for so long.

This place changes lives and helps the lost and the weak
It gives so many a second chance, yet in their lives, we only get a peek
Talk to one of them, you’ll be surprised how many have something to say
Just realize these teens are so thankful for many things we have every day.

It’s changed my life; it showed me everything I’d never expect to see
It gave me so much in only a few hours, and I hope God hears their plea
Day after day, so many pains and troubles these teens go through
And from this amazing place I soon realize that there is so much I never knew.

Inspired by Sox Place
Thanks for everything
Jessica R. Calhoon
February 21, 2004


You’re the one who let people believe in others again.
You’re the one that helped people realize that not everyone wants to screw us.
You’re the one that encourages us to believe in ourselves again.
You’re the one that wants to show us there is still some good out in the world.
You’re the one that wants us to realize that we can do whatever we want.
You’re the one that wants us to shine in a world full of darkness.
You’re the one that wants us to believe that there are people who don’t feel we should starve just because this is the only way of life we know.
You’re the one that provides us with a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, a friend, and the truth we need.
You’re the one that wants us to believe in God again and remember He’s there for us.
So you’re the one that deserves a very big hug!
Thank you!
Written by street kids to thank Sox Place


The following was written by our friend Mud, who recently died in a tragic car accident.
We put it here as he wrote it.

What sick puppets we are…what a fucked up and disgusting stage we dance upon…born with innocents but no longer in controll of our own strings. Forced to march to the commands of the nobel authority, while the machine of social disctruction blinds our socity, handicapts our freemdom, and eats it’s way in to our souls like a vicious plague leaving us with nothing but the spoiled core.
– Random Thoughts by Mud

Why is it so many people I know die and I have no feeling or reaction. I feel numb, as if nothing happened. Will people feel this way if I were to die? Better yet would I feel this way if my son or wife died? I feel like crying but I stop myself. I’m feeling fear as if everyone in the room had suddenly focused their attention on me. Who knows what they are thinking. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I even feel guilty for what the feelings I am feeling. Is this normal? Or should I have taken Josh’s place. May my friend, my brother, my Josh rest in peace. I love you.
– Written in 2002 after Mosh Josh died

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