Providing job training, employment opportunities, and one-on-one mentorship.

The goal of the Streets to Stability three month program is to help dedicated street youth gain the necessary job and social skills to become successful in the real world work place.

This goal is achieved by creating a work environment at Sox Place for him/her to thrive and be challenged in a group and one on one work program.  With very job specific responsibilities, the Streets2Stability intern will gain an understanding of work ethic and skills necessary to transition from the position at Sox Place to a “real world” job that Sox Place will help him/her attain.

Job/Life Skills Goals

•    Being on time/early
•    Getting accustomed to a job-related routine
•    Working under authority
•    Working with others
•    Doing what is asked without complaint

Additional Intern Assistance

•    Creating a resume
•    Preparing for interviews
•    Job searching
•    Job references
•    Providing appropriate clothing for job hunting and interviews
•    Providing washer/dryer and shower when needed
•    Money management/budgeting
•    Apartment searching

To Apply for an Internship

Internship Date(s): Check here for upcoming dates


  • Drop In Center: Sorting donations and cleaning the right-of-way, helping with setup and clean up.

To Apply: Contact Doyle at . An interview will be scheduled to go over the program structure and expectations.